As it is a new system, you may have no previous experience of the Blackboard Learn eLearning environment, or indeed any Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The following is a quick start guide to Blackboard Learn.

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What is Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn version 9.1 (also known as BB Learn) is a virtual learning environment that gives registered students online access to course materials and exercises.

Logon problems

Access to Blackboard Learn comes via a feed from the main Registry system. This feed runs once per day. If you have just completed registration, you will have instant access to Portal services and University e-mail, however, access to Blackboard Learn typically takes 24 hours.

If you attempt to logon to Blackboard Learn in the period before access has been granted you will see the message displayed in the image below. It will say, “Could not log in. Valid authentication credentials were not provided.”

Could not log in. Valid authentication credentials were not provided - Login error

If you have previously been able to access Blackboard Learn and see the message, “Could not log in. Valid authentication credentials were not provided.” Check that the login details you are using are correct. If you are unsure contact Blackboard Helpdesk (Details at the bottom of this page).

Your logon details

Your logon for Blackboard Learn consists of your student B number e.g. B00123456 and your assigned network password. You can find your network password at: . There are several ways to access and logon to Blackboard Learn:

Blackboard Learn home page access

  1. Go to and logon.
  2. Alternatively, go to the Ulster University home page at: and select the A-Z Index link. Blackboard Learn is listed as Blackboard Learn (VLE). You will be directed to the Blackboard Learn logon page.

    How to logon to Blackboard Learn - The logon page

Useful information

If you experience problems when logging onto the Portal, you will need to contact the ISD Service Desk at:

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