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  1. Login to and navigate to your module.
  2. Select the plus icon in the left hand menu and select Qwickly from the list of available tools.
  3. Add a name for the tool which will be the link that users select to access Qwickly. Most users choose 'Attendance' rather than naming the link Qwickly.
  4. Select whether you wish the tool to be Available or not. 
    1. By making the link available to users, both staff and students can access the link but will see different things. Staff will have the ability to record and report on attendance and students will only be able to view their own attendance.
    2. By making the link unavailable to users, only staff will be able to record and report on attendance. 
  5. Top Tip - When students access Qwickly they do do by the same link you added. The system knows if a user is a student when the link is clicked and presents the student with their attendance record or a link to check in if an attendance session is live.

Mobile access

Typically students will check in to Qwickly on their mobile device and the navigation system in Blackboard collapses to be responsive to mobile devices. This does cause confusion for many and the problem is described in more detail here. To help students navigate to Qwickly easily we recommend also creating a link to Qwickly on the module homepage too. Once the tool has been added to the left hand navigation, go to your module homepage and under the Build tab you will see an option Course Link.

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Select Course Link and in the Browse button select the link that you added in the left hand navigation. 

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The link will then be added to the bottom of the homepage and it's always a good idea to reorder the item by dragging it to the top of the page. When a student logs in on their mobile device they will then see the Qwickly link displayed prominently. 

Qwickly will work through the Blackboard Student mobile app but the student will be redirected to the web browser on the student's mobile app, the functionality is not native to the mobile app. 

Configure the default Qwickly settings


You also have the option of reporting on specific groups when group settings are applied. A tab appears for each group in the reporting tool.

Tips for using groups

  • Set up groups first in Blackboard
  • If you don't want to switch between group and whol cohort each time in the settings, you might consider creating one group with all students called 'Full Cohort'.