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Many instructors also release practice online tests. These are an invaluable way to familiarise yourself with online tests and identify any problems.


Students: We recommend that you use a desktop or laptop, rather than a mobile, to complete a test and that you use a modern web browser such as Chrome if possible. It helps if the browser does not have any additional toolbars or add-ons.

Staff: Please note that all text formatting is removed from quizzes when viewed via the Blackboard app, irregardless of whether a mobile compatible test is used. If your questions use emphasis or bold to highlight important elements of the question, advise your students to use a desktop or laptop when taking the test. If possible, we also recommend releasing a practice test in advance of the main assessment. This will allow students to check their activity and hardware in a risk-free environment.

In an ideal scenario we would recommend that students use a wired (Ethernet) connection, as WIFI connections can drop depending on the student’s local network configuration.