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titleCursor Issue

There is a known issue which Blackboard will resolve in the next update.  In any 'All at Once' essay type questions when using Internet Explorer, the cursor can jump between text boxes, even as the user types.  To avoid this issue with essay type questions, the question setting needs to be 'One at a time' or advise users to use Google Chrome browser when taking the test.


One at a Time

If Moving to another question will save this response is visible in the test instructions, there is no need to select the save button for an individual question until you reach the last one. Also, Blackboard auto saves every few seconds. Simply select your answer and move to the next question. You can check under ‘Question Completion Status’ to confirm that you have answered the question. Select the forward arrow once you answer the question and your answer will be recorded. If you select the double-forward arrow you will skip to the last question. If you select the double-back arrow, it will bring you back to the first question. When you get to the last question, as there is no next question, simply select ‘Save Answer’ and finally select ‘Save and Submit ’ to submit the entire test.