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Welcome to the Blackboard Bulletin

The Blackboard Bulletin highlights Blackboard Learn tools and functionality that may be of interest to you at key stages of the semester. For example, being alerted if students haven't engaged with your online module early in the semester. It outlines common Blackboard Learn technical issues, along with current workarounds/solutions. User statistics of the Blackboard Learn system are also included, for example, the unique users to the system.

The Blackboard Bulletin is available from the Blackboard Learn Information Point and promoted via all-staff email and announcements within Blackboard Learn.

Blackboard Bulletin

Edition 1 - Information and Content
Edition 2 - Communication and Collaboration
Edition 3 - Assessment and Feedback
Edition 4 - Course Management

Please contact us via the online feedback form below if you have any comments,
suggestions or queries with regard to the Blackboard Bulletin.


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