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23rd February 2011
All staff email

Dear Colleagues,

Ulster’s VLE is being upgraded from WebCT to Blackboard Learn for September 2011.

Courses will be migrated from WebCT to Blackboard Learn on a semester basis. Semester 1 modules will be migrated first, beginning Friday 25th of February 2011. This process for semester 1 courses will take place over a three week period. Staff can expect an email notification in March, informing them that semester 1 modules are available in the new Blackboard Learn system.

You are not required to do anything in advance of, or during this migration of semester 1 content. Course content will be unaffected in WebCT and there will be no impact on current teaching in WebCT.

However, it is recommended that you check, revise and enhance your semester 1 modules when they are available in Blackboard Learn. A Welcome to Blackboard Learn lecture will be available to help you prepare your course for teaching in September 2011. These lectures will take place during March and April, across all campuses. It is highly recommended that you attend these lectures. They are available to book now at:

If you have any queries with regard to course migration or any other aspect of the upgrade process, please contact us through the Blackboard Learn Information Point at:

Best Regards,

Dr Alan Masson
Head of Technology Facilitated Learning

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