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Monday, 22 August 2011

A number of tasks have been performed in Blackboard Learn in preparation for the 2011-12 academic year.

1. Blackboard Learn sections for 2011-12 modules (Semester 1 and long thin modules with a Semester 1 start date) have being created and are available for access by staff. These are identified by a 5-digit CRN.

It is important to get access to all the modules that you require before the start of Semester 1. If you are revising or updating content for Academic Year 2011-12, it is important that you do this in the new 2011-12 Module / CRN areas as the content in these areas will have been migrated from corresponding Academic Year 2010-11 areas in the above process.

Staff will notice that a small number of additional menu items will have been added to the default course template. These include:
*Module reading list
*Library services
*My Grades

Staff are advised to move the library/reading list and other necessary links to an appropriate location on the menu. Any additional menu items not required should be removed from view using the hide option and moved to the bottom of the menu list.

2. Staff access to Semester 2011-12 module CRNs is now available via the module access system which is available at:

Detailed instructions on how to get access to the 2011/12 module areas via the Module Access Request System are at:

3.. Staff are reminded that the top course menu item is by default used as the course entry page for staff and students. This can easily be modified using the Customisation Style - Select Course Entry Point option. This is detailed at:

Guidance for access for Associate members of staff and PhD students acting in a tutor role will be provided in a subsequent communication.

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