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WebCT is now available at

As a new student you may have no previous experience of the WebCT eLearning environment, or indeed any Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The following is a quick start guide to WebCT.

On this page

What is WebCT?

WebCT (also known as WebCT Vista) is a virtual learning environment that gives registered students online access to course materials and exercises.

Your logon details

Your logon for WebCT consists of your student B number e.g. B00123456 and your assigned network password. You can find your network password at: . There are several ways to access and logon to WebCT:

WebCT home page access

  1. Go to and logon.

Useful information

  • It is important that you are enrolled on the correct modules. The wiki page, 'Are you a registered student?' will advise you on checking your registration.
  • You can also add or delete modules by processing a Module Amendment form - see the wiki page, 'How do I change my modules?' for more information.

If you experience problems when logging onto the Portal, you will need to contact the ISD Service Desk at: