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Within WebCT there exists the facility to add a wiki space to module content areas. The wiki space allows students and staff to create and share pages, documents and rich media content. You will need Designer privileges to create wiki Powerlinks.

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Atlassian is an Australian software company specialising in collaboration and development tools, one of which is Confluence (wiki software). Confluence is a simple, powerful wiki that lets you create and share pages, documents and rich content within a team.

Access and Distributed Learning (ADL) at the University of Ulster (eLearning at Ulster) use Confluence to deliver their support wiki. The wiki supplies FAQs, how to guides and technical support to those students and staff who use our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), WebCT.


Before adding a wiki space Powerlink to WebCT you should familiarise yourself with Confluence's functionality. Go to:

How to add a Confluence wiki space

The main advantage of the Powerlink functionality is that you no longer need to enrol users into the wiki space. Enrolled users of a WebCT course are automatically created as wiki users or wiki administrators when the user links to the wiki using the Powerlink.

Once logged in to WebCT:

  1. Select the "Build" tab.
  2. From the "Course Tools" select the "Course Content" link.
  3. Select the "Add Content Link" button.

    Wiki Powerlink - select the 'Add Content' link' on the 'Course Content' page

  4. Select "Confluence wiki space" link.

    Wiki Powerlink - select the 'Confluence wiki space' from the 'Add Content' menu

  5. Create a new wiki space by selecting the "Create Confluence wiki space' button which will open the "Create Confluence wiki space" page.
    1. Or add an existing wiki space by selecting it from the "Inventory" box and choosing the "Add Selected" button.

      Wiki Powerlink - create a new wiki space by selecting 'Create Confluence wiki space'

  6. On the "Create Confluence wiki space" page enter the "Title" of your wiki space e.g. in the example below, a dummy module called COM814 with CRN12324:

    Wiki Powerlink - enter the 'Title' for the wiki and select the 'Add link to wiki space' button

  7. Check the "Open in a new browser window" box to have the wiki open in a new browser.
  8. Finally select the "Add link to wiki space" button.

How to add multiple Confluence wiki spaces

When more than one wiki space is permitted per section, a text box is provided to give additional spaces a name. These spaces are referred to as group spaces and the group name entered is appended to the standard name comprised of the course and section titles. The space created without a group name is referred to as the default space.

To create a group space:

  1. Select the "New group space" radio button and enter a group name. A group code will automatically be generated (starting with 'A' for each additional space created and used as a suffix to the space key so that each space has a unique key). (Repeat this step for each additional group)

    Multiple Confluence wiki spaces - select the 'New group space' radio button and enter a 'group name'

  2. The example below shows several wiki powerlinks created to point to separate wiki spaces (by groups):

    Multiple Confluence wiki spaces - example of multiple wiki powerlinks

Useful information

Useful information