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The University provides all students with a communications environment which includes the hosted email service Live@edu and the online data storage service known as Skydrive. Both new and returning students will be provided with new Live@edu accounts.

ISD Service Desk maintain a guide to the Microsoft Live@edu system at:

On this page

Access your account information

Make a note of your email password - see the wiki page Finding your WebCT password for detailed instructions on how to do this . Then complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the University home page at:
  2. Select E from the A-Z index at the top right and then select Email.

    University of Ulster Home page - Select E from the A-Z index at the top right and then select Email

    1. Alternatively, go directly to the "Information Services Email" page at:

  3. On the "Information Services Email" page select the Email icon.

    Information Service - Email Page - select the email icon

    1. Alternatively, go to:

  4. This brings up a new page entitled 'Microsoft Windows Live'. Enter your email address as your Windows Live ID and your email password as the Password.
  5. Select the 'Sign in' button.

    Microsoft Window Live - enter your email address and email password then select the sign in button

Important information

Staff password issues

Staff and Associate users should use the online Staff Password Service at:

Student password issues

Password changes cannot be made via telephone. Students should use the 'Forgot Password' option that appears on the Live@edu login screen.