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A wiki (pronounced /ˈwɪki/ WIK-ee) is a website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor. Wikis are typically powered by wiki software and are often used to create collaborative websites, to power community websites, for personal note taking, in corporate intranets, and in knowledge management systems.

Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb, originally described it as "the simplest online database that could possibly work." "Wiki" (pronounced ˈwiki or ˈviki) is a Hawaiian word for "fast". "Wiki" has been backronymed by some to "What I Know Is". bbldevmove:1

Our wiki software is called Confluence and was developed by Atlassian.

On this page

Role of this Wiki space

In this context the “Access and Distributed Learning – Support Wiki” serves as a technical support area for all the University’s Blackboard users. Helping both students and staff. It provides solutions to the most common Blackboard problems and provides assistance and advice on a wide range of Blackboard and University related topics. The Wiki also acts as a knowledge base for Blackboard and ISD Service Desk staff.

Useful information

If you have any problems with the Wiki please contact the Blackboard Helpdesk:

Telephone: 028 90 368686


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