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Turnitin is an Internet-based plagiarism-detection and assignment submission service. While this tool is supplied within Blackboard, the Turnitin UK service itself is not hosted or maintained by the University but is instead managed by Turnitin UK.


NOTE: DO NOT delete Turnitin assignments drop boxes from Blackboard. Especially those containing submissions.

On this page

Create a new Turnitin Assignment

In the module’s content area:

  1. Select the Assessments button. From the drop-down menu that appears select the Turnitin Assignment link.

    The Create Assessment button
  2. The Add Turnitinuk Assignment window will open. Select Paper Assignment then select the Next Step button.

    The Add Turnitinuk Assignment window
  3. The New Assignment page will open.

    The New Assignment page
  4. Complete the Assignment title text field. This is the title that the student will see in their Assignment list for the class.

    Complete the Assignment title text field
  5. The Point Value field is optional. This setting allows the instructor to set a point value for the assignment. Setting a point value allows the grade to be set by rubrics (if used) and be sent to the grade book.

    The Point Value field
  6. The Start Date is the day and time the student can begin submitting to the assignment.

    The Start Date tool
  7. The Due Date is the date and time the students papers are due for the assignment. This sets the “To do” message in a student’s institution messages.

    The Due Date field
  8. The Post Date is the date and time students can begin viewing the comments and grades staff have left for the assignment.

    The Post Date field
  9. Select the Submit button, then select the OK button to create the Turnitin Assignment

The link for the Turnitin assignment will be immediately visible to instructors at the bottom of the content area. Use the drag tool to reorder its position on the pages.

The assignment link will be available to student on the Start Date set in step 6.
Also, additional support can be found at the Turnitin website: