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The “Access and Distributed Learning – Support Wiki” serves as a technical support area for all the University’s Blackboard users. Helping both students and staff. It provides solutions to the most common Blackboard problems and provides assistance and advice on a wide range of Blackboard and University related topics. The Wiki also acts as a knowledge base for Blackboard and ISD Service Desk staff.

This page details how to use the wiki.

On this page


The wiki page can be broken up into three main areas:

  1. The breadcrumb and search area at the top of the page.
  2. The sidebar area containing links to all pages on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. The main content area.

Breadcrumb and search area

The blue section at the top of page contains breadcrumbs and a search box. The search box allows you to search wiki content using keywords.

The breadcrumbs provide links back to each previous page you have navigated through - to get to the current page - or the parent pages of the current one. Breadcrumbs provide a trail for you to follow back to the starting or entry point. The greater-than sign (>) serves as separator. Select any of the breadcrumb links to navigate back through to your starting point.

How to use breadcrumbs

The breadcrumb for this page looks like this:

Home > What is a Wiki > Support Wiki tutorial

Screenshot of tutorial breadcrumbs

Selecting ‘What is a Wiki’ will take you back to the parent page of this tutorial. Selecting 'Home' will take you back to the homepage of the wiki.

Sidebar area

The sidebar area contains links to all the wiki pages. Selecting one of the links will take you to that wiki page.

Screen shot of sidebar

Hiding/Showing the sidebar

If you find the sidebar is getting in the way or want more screen space the sidebar can be hidden. To hide the sidebar:

  1. Select the Sidebar icon. The icon can be found at the top of the page to left of the search box. The sidebar icon looks like this:

    Screenshot of sidebar icon

  2. To unhide the sidebar select the sidebar icon again.

Main content area

On the home page the main content area contains announcements and useful widgets for keeping track of recent updates, most popular pages and a keyword cloud.

Screen shot showing home page and main content area

On a wiki page the main content area contains the wiki page's text and information about the author of the page and when it was last updated.

Screen shot showing wiki page and main content area