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Your instructor will have created a Panopto Student Video Assignment for you. To submit your video file, you must:

  1. Upload your video to your personal folder in Panopto. Personal folders provide users with a private area for the upload and storage of videos. The My Folder personal folder has been made available to students.
  2. Open the Assignment dropbox.
  3. Select the Write Submission button. Find and locate your video and insert it.
  4. Add any additional text or attachments, as detailed in the assignment description.
  5. Finally submit your assignment

Please Note: Students using a mobile device can submit a Panopto Student Video Assignment by logging into Blackboard Learn using the browser on their mobile device. However, the Blackboard App DOES NOT support the Panopto student assignment tool. While the Panopto assignment link can be opened by the Blackboard App, it should not be used to submit a Panopto Assignment.

Also Note: Mobile users should connect to a WiFi source when submitting, as uploading a video file via your mobile network will incur significant data costs.

On this page

Uploading video to your personal Panopto folder

  1. In the instructions for the assignment, select the ‘click here’ link (highlighted in red below) that will take you to your personal folder .

  2. Your Panopto personal (My Folder) folder will open:

  3. To upload an existing video file, select the green Create button and choose Upload Media from the drop-down menu that appears:

  4. The Add files to window will open. Drag and drop your video file on to Choose video or audio files region – indicated by by a dotted line - or click on this region and use the pop-up file browser to find and select your video:

  5. The file will begin to upload immediately. The upload status is indicated by a green progress bar:

  6. The file will begin to process as soon as it has uploaded. At this point you can safely close the Add files to My Folder window by selecting the close button. Your video will continue to process in the background. A placeholder image will be visible and the progress in percent will be visible on screen:

    Please Note: Upload and Processing times will vary depending on the size and quality of the video file that has been uploaded - as well as the number of jobs currently in the processing queue.

  7. When the video has finished processing it will be published. When a video has been published you will see a thumbnail image of the video. Clicking on the thumbnail will play the video. 
  8. Close the Panopto windows and go back to the Blackboard Assignment dropbox.

You have now uploaded your video to your personal folder. The next step is to insert the video into your assignment submission.

Insert your video and submit your assignment

  1. If you haven’t done so already, close the Panopto Personal Folder screen and get back to the Assignment screen”

  2. Open the Assignment dropbox by clicking on its title (highlighted in red):

  3. The Upload Assignment page will open:

  4. In the Assignment Submission section select the Write Submission button. This will reveal the text editor tool.

    Please Note: If you see the simple version of the text editor:

    Select the Show More button – highlighted in red below - to see the Advanced Editor:

  5. Select the Mashups button and choose Panopto Student Video Submission from the drop-down menu:

  6. The Select Panopto Videos pop-up window will open. This will show all the videos in your personal folder:

  7. Select the radio button next to the video you want to use, then choose the Submit Video button. 
  8. A link pointing to your video will be embedded in the submission text (in this example the file was called ‘sample’):

  9. Attach any additional files or comments as required by the assignment and then select the Submit button to submit your completed assignment.

Video How To

Video How To (iOS/Apple users)