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ShareStream is integrated into the Blackboard Learn Assessment Tool and the Grade Center, so that you can grade media submitted by students. You can request and receive media assignments from students through the Media Assignment tool and then evaluate their submissions in the Grade Center.


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Set-up a ShareStream Media Assignment

To use the Blackboard Learn interface to set-up a ShareStream Media Assignment:

  1. Ensure edit mode is ON.
  2. In a content area roll over the Assessments button and select ShareStream Media Assignment from the drop-down menu.

    The ShareStream Media Assignment window will open:

  3. Enter a Title for the assignment, a brief Description and the maximum Points Possible (maximum = 100).

    We recommend that staff provide a description that explains that the student must first upload their video, then select the submit button to complete the submission process:

    "PLEASE NOTE: After you have uploaded your video, you will need to select the Submit button to complete the submission process."

  4. Select the Submit button to save the ShareStream Media Assignment.

Your assignment will now be visible to your students.

Note: You can use the Blackboard Learn adaptive release tools to restrict access to the media assignment

Student View: Submitting a Media Assignment

The students will need to complete the following steps to upload their media assignments. You can then access and grade their submissions in the Blackboard Learn Grade Center:

  1. Go to the module area and select the media assignment’s title. The Receipt page will open.

  2. Selecting the Choose file to upload button will open a file browser window allowing the student to navigate to their video file and select it.

    Note: The file upload tool will not work for those students using the Mobile Learn app. Students should instead use their mobile device’s browser to log in to Blackboard and navigate to the Media Assignment dropbox.

  3. A progress bar will let the student know the media asset is uploading. When the upload has completed a pop-up message will say, “File Transferred Successfully
  4. **Important** the student will need to select the Submit button to save their submission.


Marking student submissions

Submitted media assets can be accessed and graded via the Grade Centre.

  1. To use the Blackboard Learn Grade Center to assess your students’ work:
  2. While in the module area, select the Grade Centre link under the Course Management menu.
  3. Select the option you want: Needs Grading, or the Full Grade Center. The standard Grade Assignment window will open.

  4. To review the student’s submission select the Play Media link. The Assignment Player window will open.

    Note: You can use the Download button to save the student for offline review.

  5. ShareStream media assignments are handled in the same way as assignments submitted directly to the Blackboard Learn application, so you will be able to grade ShareStream media assignments and use the features in the Grade Center just as you would for a typical assignment.