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Prior to the start of each semester, Blackboard Learn content is migrated from the previous academic year’s modules into the current academic year's modules. While this automated process will copy discussions, tools, learning content etc. and any ShareStream Mashups and Media Assignments you’ve created, the ShareStream media assets themselves are NOT copied. You will need to migrate your module’s ShareStream media assets over using the Pick-n-Play tool each semester.

Note: ShareStream can store and stream both audio and video. This is why we refer to media assets rather than just video in this article.

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Recognising that your media assets need migrated

If your module content has been migrated and when attempting to play a ShareStream media asset you get the following error message:

The media asset you have requested is not associated with this Course. Please contact your institution's ShareStream administrator.

You will need to migrate your media assets using the Pick-n-Play tool

How to migrate your ShareStream Media Assets

In the newly migrated module, add a Pick-n-Play tool. To do this:

  1. Within a content area, rollover the Tools menu and under More Tools select the ShareStream Pick-n-Play link.

  2. The Create Link: ShareStream Pick-n-Play page will open.  Select the Submit button.

  3. The Sharestream Pick-n-Play link will be added to the bottom of the content area:

  4. Select this newly created Pick-n-Play link.

  5. You will be asked, “Would you like to copy ShareStream media assets from another Course to this new Course?

  6. Select the Yes option.

    Note: If you’ve never used ShareStream before and have no content to migrate, please select the No option.

  7. When you select the Yes option a search dialogue box is revealed:

  8. Search for your ShareStream media assets by entering the first 3 letters of a course name or a * followed by a phrase from the course name. Alternatively use the module's CRN to search.


    For example *tutor will return all course that you have access to that have tutor in the title.

  9. A drop-down list of modules that match your search criteria will appear, select the module that contains the ShareStream media that you want to copy.

    Note: The search will only return courses where you are the enrolled as an Instructor

  10. Select the Proceed button.

  11. Your ShareStream media will be copied over in a few seconds.