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Staff and students have reported that Internet Explorer 11 is restarting and or crashing when accessing Blackboard Learn. The issue appears to be with this version of Internet Explorer itself and the problem is not unique to the Blackboard Learn users.

Until Microsoft resolves this issue we do not recommend that Blackboard users install this version of Internet Explorer.

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Internet Explorer 11 is already installed


Please first check that your Internet Explorer has been upgraded to version 11, by selecting the Tools icon Tools and the choose About Internet Explorer from the drop-down menu. You should see the following:

The upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 may have been ‘pushed’ to your Windows computer in a recent Window update. If this is the case and you’re experiencing the crashing problem there are two possible solutions:

  1. Install and use and alternative browser such as Firefox or Safari and use these to access Blackboard Learn. A list of supported browsers is available here:
  2. Revert to an older version of Internet Explorer by uninstalling Internet Explorer 11. Instructions are provided below.

Uninstalling Internet Explorer 11

You will need to have administrator access to your computer to make the following changes. If you’re on your own computer, this shouldn’t be a problem, you should have Administrator access already. However, if you’re using a computer from your workplace you may need to contact your IT Support team for assistance. 

  1. Save and close all Internet Explorer windows.
  2. Press the Windows 7 Start orb button and go to Control Panel.  
  3. Click Programs and choose the View installed updates link.
  4. Locate "Windows Internet Explorer 11" in the list of installed updates or you can type "Internet Explorer" to filter the list.  
  5. Click on Internet Explorer 11 to highlight it and select the Uninstall link.
  6. Choose the Yes option to proceed.  
  7. Please wait while Windows Internet Explorer is being restored to an older version and reconfigured automatically. You may need to restart your computer.

Video Help

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