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Once enrolled all students should be able to login to Blackboard and gain access to their learning material in approximately 24 hours. In preparation for teaching, Blackboard Instructors should have requested access to their courses.

There are a couple of things you will need to check when looking at your Course List in Blackboard.

On this page

Instructor listed in the Course

Under the Blackboard Course tab, scroll down to Courses on which you are enrolled. Under each course, you should see at least one Instructor listed.

Course with No Instructors listed:

Course with no Instructors listed

Course with instructor listed:

Course with Instructor

If there are no instructors listed, please contact your Course Director as you may not be enrolled on the correct version of the module.

All University modules are in Blackboard, however, not all teaching and learning material is delivered via Blackboard (the exception being distance learning modules), many modules are delivered by class lectures, tutorials and seminars. Also, even without an Instructor listed, you may still have access to learning materials. However, you should contact your Course Director to confirm that you are in the correct module(s).

Course Content

If you select a Course link and arrive at the Programme Home Page, as below, look in the Course Menu for a Content link. As seen in the image below, by default a blank course area will contain Home Page, Discussions, Groups, Tools and Help links and the Announcements, My Calendar, My Tasks, To Do, What's new, Alerts and Needs Attention modules will have no current messages.

Blackboard Course with no content

If there is no Course content, contact your Course Director to confirm that you are in the correct course area.