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You usually select your modules during 'Online Enrolment', however, at some point you may be required to change modules. If you have any doubt about which module you should be taking, you should check with your Course Director.

On this page

Checking your current module enrolments

Once registered, you can check what modules you are enrolled on by logging into Student Self Service Banner.

  1. Go to:
  3. Input your User ID and PIN:
    1. Your User ID is your student B number and your initial PIN is your date of birth in the format DDMMYY.
  4. Select the Login button.
  5. Select the "Student and Financial Aid" tab.
  6. Select the "Registration" link and finally click on the "Current Module Enrolments' link
    1. You can also check 'Module Enrolment History' to view previous module additions or deletions.

Adding or deleting a module

  1. To add or delete a module you will need to complete a "Module Amendment Form". You can obtain a form from either your Faculty or Registry office, or online at:
  2. On Page 1 complete your "Personal" details:

    Module Amendment Form - Page 1 enter your Personal Details

  3. On Page 2 complete "Module(s) to be deleted" and/or "Module(s) to be added".


    It is very important to include the correct Course Reference Number (CRN) as modules commonly have several versions - even within the same semester. For detailed information on CRNs see the wiki page: "CRN Numbers explained"

  4. Summarise what your module portfolio should look like in the section, "Full list of modules you are studying in the current academic year".

    Module Amendment Form - Page 2 complete all sections

  5. Sign the form, bring it to your Course Director and have them sign the form.
  6. Finally, submit the form to Registry.

Useful information

Time frame for changes


Once module amendments (additions/deletions) can be seen in Self Service Banner (SSB), please allow up to 48 working hours for these same amendments to feed through to Blackboard. Please note however, that any module deletions in SSB will be reflected in Blackboard as content not accessible, in other words, the module Code, CRN and title will remain, but, "Access to the module will be denied".