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When uploading a PowerPoint file to a classic Collaborate session, on a Mac with Office 2016 installed, PowerPoint prompts the user to grant permissions to the file in a temporary “/var/folders/...” location on the Mac.

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Description of Issue

When attempting to upload the PowerPoint to Collaborate Classic a Grant File Access window is displayed with the message:

"Additional permissions are required to access the following files: /var/folders/…:

This prompt is expected due to Microsoft tightening up Office security on the Mac. If the user doesn't grant permission then the following message is displayed in Collaborate:

"Failure to call PowerPoint to process presentation".


To resolve this issue, grant permissions using the Grant File Access window and the file will be uploaded to the session:

  1. Highlight the filename by clicking on it
  2. Usee the Select… button on the Grant File Access window to grant permissions to the file in the temporary location.