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Following the January upgrade to Blackboard Learn, the Ulster University Virtual Learning Environment has adopted elements of the Learn 2016 theme for Blackboard Learn. The Learn 2016 theme is a modern version of the user interface that incorporates elements from the new Blackboard Ultra design 'language' including colour, fonts, and spacing for greater consistency between Blackboard Learn, Collaborate, and the Blackboard app. When users log in to Blackboard Learn on a mobile device, tablet or 'low' resolution screen, screen elements such as the course menu and control panel compress or change position, so they stay visible. As the screen gets smaller, modules and tool tiles stack so the user still has access to them at their fingertips.

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Responsive course menu

The most visible and important change that staff and students should be aware of is the left-hand course menu automatically collapsing and being hidden when viewed on a mobile device or low-resolution screen. By default, the left-hand course menu will visible as shown below (the left-hand course menu is highlighted in red):


In its responsive form, i.e. when a Blackboard Learn module is viewed on a low-resolution screen or mobile device, the left-hand course menu will collapse and be hidden from users, replaced by a blue Show Course Menu bar (again, highlighted in red below).

Selecting - or tapping - on this blue Show Course Menu bar will expand the left-hand course menu and make it visible again.

Tip: By tapping on or selecting this area with the mouse, the course menu can be toggled back and forth from hidden to visible.

Please Note: The above screenshots were created while in enrolled in a module as an instructor. Students and staff may not see the Build Content, Assessments, Tools and other tabs shown. However, the process of hiding and show the course menu remains the same.