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Alongside the core institutional VLE (Blackboard Learn), there is a suite of digital learning technologies currently in use across Ulster, some of which are considered core and others which are recognised.


  • Core - Institutionally licenced technologies that are validated, supported and integrated with Blackboard Learn. These technologies are tested against any upgrades to the VLE and are considered trusted technologies. The Office for Digital learning will provide training and support for these technologies.
  • Recognised - learning technologies which are in use institutionally but are licenced independently. These technologies are often purchased at a School of Faculty level or are Open Source tools. Compliance with patches or upgrades to the VLE are not guaranteed. Support and training for these tools will be limited.

Core Technologies

Blackboard Q2 2016

Institutional VLE

BB StudentBlackboard Student Mobile App


BB InstructorBlackboard Instructor Mobile App


TurnitinOnline originality checking service for assignments and Blackboard integrationCore
Turnitin Feedback Studio

In-browser assignment annotation software for online feedback

RespondusTool for creating and managing online quizzes which can be published directly to Blackboard.Core
StudymateAuthoring tool for creating interactive self tests and assessmnets which can be published directly to Blackboard.Core
Library integration

Custom integration between Blackboard and the Library reading list system

Blackboard PredictPredictive analytics solutionPilot until 2019

Recognised Technologies

iSpring Presenter Pro

Publishing extension for content authored in the HTML5 elearning content authoring tool.
The tool is not institutionally licenced but has pockets of use across the University.


Sharestream is a media management and streaming server solution owned by ISD. It can be integrated with Blackboard to allow cohort management and secure video storage.


Integration for the TurningPoint audience response system to allow authenication and grade book access

Requested and in review

Peer Assessment tool for group work, WebPA is an open source tool which is used by academic teams to allow groups to distribute grades based on an individual's participation. It can be integrated with Blackboard for cohort management.

Requested and in review
  • None