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While recognising the relevance of generic skill sets such as literacy, numeracy, personal skills etc., a further exercise investigated study skills support for creative/design based courses. The development of shared understanding in creative/design working practice is particularly relevant when considered in the context of interdisciplinary teaching and learning ambitions across the Faculties.

 Key skills assessed in admissions processes and essential to student progression in creative-design-based courses have been identified as:

  • exploration and interpretation of ideas and artefacts through 2- and 3-dimensional representation techniques (drawing, painting, 3-d modelling etc.);
  • portfolio skills (communication of a creative narrative through completed work).

Miscellaneous HE Resources

Media, film and web design

Architecture and design

Industry-produced/related sites – useful references but not specifically related to Higher Education:

Professional Information Sites:

Art and design

No specific educational online resources recorded but existing and evolving use of social networking sites Twitter, Facebook etc. to support teaching and learning activities.

Other Higher Education-related resources

  • None