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Presentation skills are broadly divided into planning, structuring, preparing and presenting skills. More specific presentation skills relate to researching the topic, overcoming nerves, minimising stress, defining objectives, organisation, time management, enhancing audience participation, body language, designing visual aids, use of illustrations and diagrams, and verbal communication.

University of Hull

The site provides detailed and helpful information about what is required when giving a presentation. Students who do not receive formal study skills tuition as part of their studies will find this especially helpful given the level of detail. Students will most likely find some/all of these resources very helpful depending on their preferred learning style

Loughborough University

This is a comprehensive study skills website with a dedicated section on ‘Oral Presentations’. This is a text-based site which provides links to other advice sheets that relate to oral presentations. It is detailed, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The Open University

‘Giving Presentations’ offers students a range of text-based information on presentations. There is a considerable level of detail covering aspects of preparation, planning and delivery.

University of Manchester

The Faculty of Humanities Study Skills Website contains wide-ranging information on preparing and structuring presentations as well as performance style. Also included is a section on do’s and don’ts for students. A video clip and student feedback commentary are additional features of the site. In some places Year 1 and 2 undergraduate students may consider the language to be less user-friendly than other sites but on balance this is a good site.

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