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Literacy skills are wide-ranging. They cover everything from grammar to academic style, and from referencing to plagiarism. At different levels and stages, students will be asked to produce writing that aligns to a variety of task types and styles appropriate to their discipline. However, there are generic resources that are appropriate for all students across the board and these are the focus of our consideration here.

Three areas in which students may need general support and guidance have been identified:

  • preparation for writing (resources gathering; structuring ideas; planning the narrative);
  • accurate communication (grammar, punctuation and spelling; coherent linkage of ideas; register and style);
  • academic integrity (referencing and plagiarism).

 In addition, students need guidance and support in the interpretation of feedback received on coursework in order to use this constructively.

University of Manchester - Literacy Study Skills Website

This resource is Humanities focused and contains a comprehensive list of links useful to the subject area.

Video on essay planning and writing

This video is an innovative video about writing styles.

University of Hull Study Advice Service

Handouts, study guides and tips, videos, quizzes, mind maps and podcasts.

An examination of academic integrity by the University of Nottingham

University lecturers frequently push students to produce well informed and original work. To do so, you will need to search for, and be familiar with the ideas and theories or practices of many other people. It is important that you understand the rules of academic integrity, so that you are not accused of cheating, such as plagiarism, and collusion.

Write Now - Academic WRITING

One of the aims of the Write Now CETL is to provide lasting and useful materials for anyone with an interest in academic writing

Citing References Learning Objects

Information and interactive quizzes on Harvard referencing.

Learn Higher

Resources in 16 different areas including writing, numeracy, information literacy, critical thinking.

University of Ulster Library Information Skills module

The aim of this module is to help students to search effectively for information for assignments and projects

University of Ulster Library Training page

Citation styles; evaluating resources; plagiarism; using the internet; research support; university email; library skills.

Skills4Study - Writing Skills

Topics include Note Taking, Writing an Essay, Plagiarism and Referencing.

University of Ulster Interactive Marking Grid

The resource is an interactive University of Ulster assessment grid, which allows you to better understand how to achieve good grades in a written assignment. 

University of Ulster - Assessment Slider

A simple tool to see how an idea can be developed in an assignment. The slider allows you to see the piece of work grow from Unacceptable to Excellent. The tool includes comments from Academic staff explaining why a mark was given.

Ulster Business School - Guide to referencing in the Harvard style

The Ulster Business School (UBS), uses an adapted version of the Harvard System, also known as the "Author Date‟ method. The UBS guidance is based on the Bournemouth Guide to Citation (which uses both the British Standard for the citation and referencing of published material in the Harvard Style and interpretations of that system used in academic and research institutions). 

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